I am an author, business owner and vegetarian based in Newfoundland

Charles O'Keefe is the author of 4 novels, 3 in his Newfoundland Vampire series and 1 stand- alone book of short stories. You can check out all his books here. His fourth, and most likely final book in the Newfoundland Vampire series will be available later in 2019. He will also be bravely entering the world of non-fiction, look for that in 2020.

He completed a BA and a Masters from Memorial University but somehow ended up as a co-owner of a beauty business and is currently the main computer/website guy. He is a vegetarian, animal lover, environmentalist and always a dreamer.

When he isn't out playing Dungeons & Dragons, board games or poker, he can usually be found at home with two cats and his long suffering wife. To see his latest thoughts on movies and TV he enjoys (and some other bits and bubs) you can peruse his blog.