Movie Review: Marvel 75: From Pulp to Pop

June 14, 2020

Details from IMDB:

Marvel 75 Years: From Pulp to Pop! (2014)

| DocumentaryHistory | TV Movie 4 November 2014

Emily Vancamp hosts this one of a kind experience showing the history and development of Marvel from the first comic book to the latest blockbuster hit.


 Zak Knutson


 Laura Shields


Initial Thoughts:

This is a little funny, I actually watched this documentary twice but didn't realize it until about halfway through the second viewing. IT must have been on a few years ago and I watched it mainly because it had a preview of Agent Carter (which was a good show that got canceled too soon). So it was on Disney+, it was short and I do love Marvel Comics (movies and TV shows) so I watched it again.

Main Points:

There may also be a review of this on my old site (which hackers destroyed) so this one will be quite short. Marvel is certainly the definition of a comeback story. They were on the verge of bankruptcy and came back with blockbuster movies, successful TV shows, and comics that were better than ever. Once Disney bought Marvel and Star Wars...well it turned out to be a geeks dream come true.

This short documentary doesn't get into the Disney buyout (as I'm not sure it had happened by the time this was made) but it does give you a nice overview of Marvel comics, the creators (writers and artists) and of course of the movies and TV shows that saved Marvel.

Final Thoughts:

As I said not a lot to say about this. If you're a fan of the Marvel movies you should check it out. While there is some obvious marketing/advertising parts it is short and I enjoyed it. A solid 7 out of 10 from me and yes you can go ahead and let your kids watch this. I would say ages 10+. For any Marvel fan, it's a must-see and I do give it a mild recommendation to any causal Marvel fan as well.