Movie Review: Black Widow

July 11, 2021

Details from IMDB:

Black Widow

7.1/10 51,000 votes

A film about Natasha Romanoff in her quests between the films Civil War and Infinity War.

Initial Thoughts:


Ok you knew I was going to see this (again if you're ever read this blog before), I see almost every comic book movie that comes out (also to be honest every Disney/Marvel Studios movie, there are DC and other comic book movies I don't bother with). That combined with the fact I hadn't been to a movie in a while (for me, over a month) and do love Scar Jo (I wonder if she likes being called that?), so of course, I saw it in IMAX.


Main Points:

The film (unlike what one actor claimed) is certainly not a disaster or embarrassment but it's also not award-winning either. It's what you often get in the summer, fairly light popcorn fare and I'm good with that.

I think one of the problems here is the way it was shot, the action scenes have such quick cuts and fast camera actions that sometimes it is hard to see what is going on. This a movie that is filling in the gaps both of what Black Widow did in between Marvel movies and what happened earlier in her life, which for a big fan is interesting and is a great chance to see Scar Jo play Black Widow one last time (I say that but it's a comic book universe, so she could always come back).

The over 2 hour running time goes by quickly and there is lots of action and some good special effects (not enough to warrant IMAX though, not sure why they did that other than more money per ticket). Scar Jo is excellent here and gives the character her all, newcomer Florence Pugh is really good and Harbour and Weisz also put in solid performances. 

Marvel/Disney really has their movies down to a formula, great action, good dialogue, a decent (often better than that) story, nice moments of humor, a couple of good surprises (yes there is an end credit scene!), good special effects and good acting. They give the fans what they want and I can honestly say over the past 13 years there have maybe been 3-4 movies I didn't enjoy (considering they put out 3-4 a year for a while that's a great ratio!).

Final Thoughts:

As usual, please don't bring your kids to this movie. There is plenty of violence, some of it a little graphic and certainly some adult themes especially at the beginning, ages 13+. I saw it in IMAX but only because I have gift cards and passes, really it would be fine to see it in a regular theater and save some $. I give it 7.5 out of 10 but a full half-point is because of Scar Jo, so I'm certainly a little bias. I would recommend it to any comic book/action movie fan, final scene after the credits is maybe the best part of the whole movie and has a REALLY good cameo that I didn't know about, it was a nice surprise. As we continue into Phase 4 (which started with the Disney+ shows) I'm excited to see what Marvel/Disney does next, I'm not sure they ever pull off another Infinity War saga (I really loved those movies) but if they can come close, I'll be really happy.