Reflections on PEI Trip 2021

December 2, 2021

Wonderful trip to PEI, as I write this I’m home looking at the ocean and it's December, despite it being on the crappy side (obvious reasons I hate to talk about COVID and I won't here) this year has gone by quick. Onto the trip, after delaying it twice we made sure to pack a lot into this trip, but I’m OCD enough that I’m going to lay most of it out here and hopefully give you something to enjoy reading and looking at. We stayed here in Ch’town (as I’ve seen in written on signs, have to get the lingo down! 😉 Oh the pic above is outside of a bookstore (which I didn't go into but since I love dragons had to snap a pic), I'll talk about the excellent comic book shops I did go to a little later.

Got here on Sunday, August 30th, landed in Halifax, got our rental car, and towards PEI. Getting to PEI from Halifax took about 3 hours and involved driving through Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Here is where we stayed, a very convenient spot with just enough room for the two of us. The PEI bridge was cool and I believe the largest (and longest) bridge in Atlantic Canada. I also did the smart thing and came back on the ferry, which is cheaper than coming back over the bridge (and more relaxing!).

Yes, before I go any further I’ll talk about the rental car. It was a Ford Mustang convertible, a NICE car that I have to say I LOVED driving 😊 Does this mean I’m not an environmentalist? No, it doesn’t, I thought about the impact of driving the car for 8 days but ultimately, I’m human and I just wanted a vacation where lots of things were different. Going from driving a Toyota Plug-in Prius to a sports/muscle car convertible is a complete shift but it’s good to do that sometimes, make a change in your life. Would this mean I’d buy a Mustang? No of course not, aside from the crazy price I’d never want to drive it for an extended period of time, it guzzles gas but it was fun to drive, so I did it. Also before going on here is a link to where we stayed in Ch'Town, a really nice spot, and would recommend it for any couple!

So in terms of doing stuff we did plenty! We drove all around PEI and it a GORGEOUS province. It is always like you are in a postcard or on a farm (at least late summer when we were there.) My wife and I both love animals so one of the first things we did was visit an Alpaca farm (which, oddly enough, had 1 lama!). We had a nice time at Green Gable Alpaca Farm. The baby was really cute and the young woman who showed us around did an excellent job. I also picked up some socks for my Mom which she loved, very high-quality work!

Of course, my wife wanted to go to the Anne of Green Gables house (which was nice, though I never watched the show.) Here are some pics:


Also, it is worth saying that Charlottetown is a beautiful city full of friendly people, excellent restaurants and stores, and one of the few places in the world where I have really felt relaxed and happy. Here are some pics:


I had a great time going to some comic book stores, very friendly people, good deals, and I even picked up some local comics. The fact that they were both right next to each other was an added bonus. The Comic Hunter was a great spot, full of unique comics including local ones, excellent deals, and the owner was super friendly and nice. I ended up spending more time, however, at Lightning Bolt Comics (no website, you can look them up on Facebook). I chatted with the owner there for a good 20 minutes (and some of the customers), it felt like the kind of comic book store I love to go to. Tucked away below ground it reminded me of Timemasters here in NL. I had contacted them before getting there and they agreed to buy all of my comics for store credit, it's worth noting I have been to LOTS of comic book stores in the US, Canada, even in Europe and I know this s a RARE thing, so I was instantly in a good mood when that happened. Great shop, already looking forward to going back there again.

Another great place (couldn't resist!) we went was the Great Canadian Soap Company. They had a HUGE variety of homemade products including goat soaps, bath salts, peppermint sprays, and actual goats you could feed outside. I was so impressed with their products I ordered some when I got home.

A restaurant I loved (which has a unique distinction of being outside on a floating wharf right on the harbor) was Nimrod's, honestly, one of the most delicious pizzas I ever had! It is a really cool/relaxing spot where you can order from several places and then sit outside.


Of course, a trip to PEI would not be complete with visiting their chain of ice cream stores, Cow's Creamery. While I don't know if it was the best ice cream I ever had, it was delicious and they had a great selection of flavors. 

My wife and I are both cider lovers and as such we went to several cideries in PEI. One of the ones that stood out was Red Island Cider. It was a small spot (they have an outdoor area but it was raining hard that day) but had very friendly staff and a lovely bar inside to drink.

Another excellent place (which had great pizza outside too in a food truck) was Copper Bottom Brewery. Suffice it to say for a tiny province PEI has a lot of cideries. One place I didn't visit but enjoyed the cider from was Double Hill Cidery.

As I'm a big animal lover (so is my wife), I have to talk about Beach Goats. This is exactly what you think it might be, friendly goats that you can hang out with right by a beach! It was a lot of fun and there are the friendliest goats I have ever seen (they climbed on top of me on a trampoline!). Just lots of simple, good fun, loved it! 


As if all of that animal goodness was not enough PEI is the only spot I've ever been to in Canada that had buffalo! In fact it is called Buffalo Park

 I can't end this post without talking about a truly unique spot we stayed in Point Prim. The host was wonderful as was the place. Quiet, peaceful, scenic, made from an old church and it had half-outdoor bathroom! Truly somewhere you NEED to go if you're ever in PEI. It's called "The Steeple".

If somehow all that doesn't convince you how wonderful PEI is and that you should go there, they also have a casino! I love to play poker and while they do have it there, honestly I wouldn't recommend it as it's against the dealer (and unless you're a Blackjack expert, that's never a good idea). I played at the Legion and while they didn't have a cash game (which I prefer), I had a nice time with friendly folks.

Ok this is quite long, I'll end with some pics of lighthouses (PEI has lots of them!) and a few more restaurant recommendations. Another nice take out place we ate from was The Cork & Cast, this was right next to Nimrod's on the floating wharf. It's such a nice treat to eat outside, on the water from two tasty places! They had good drinks in that area as well. After we went to the Anne of Green Gables house, we settled in for a meal at The Lost Anchor, excellent food and also a nice outdoor eating area. I'll squeeze in two more as it's my blog post and I really don't care how long it is. In the lovely little town of Montague we went to Windows on the Water (everywhere we went had good food, as did here!). The day before we left we went to tiny (but tasty!) spot called Point Prim Chowderhouse. I'm not a seafood guy (vegetarian and even if I wasn't never liked seafood) but I have to say this place had one of the tastiest carrot cake's I have ever had!

So that's it, as you can see I had a wonderful time in PEI, I loved every minute (well except some bad weather but you get that anywhere) and can't wait to go back! To be quite honest we are highly considering moving there when we retire, it's a magical place.



The Steeple Belfast PEI 10

The Steeple Belfast PEI 11

The Steeple Belfast PEI 12

The Steeple Belfast PEI 13

The Steeple Belfast PEI 14

The Steeple Belfast PEI 15

The Steeple Belfast PEI 16

The Steeple Belfast PEI 17

The Steeple Belfast PEI 18

The Steeple Belfast PEI 19

The Steeple Belfast PEI 2

The Steeple Belfast PEI 20

The Steeple Belfast PEI 21

The Steeple Belfast PEI 3

The Steeple Belfast PEI 4

The Steeple Belfast PEI 5

The Steeple Belfast PEI 6

The Steeple Belfast PEI 7

The Steeple Belfast PEI 8

The Steeple Belfast PEI 9

Oneof Many Lighthouses PEI

Oneof Many Lighthouses PEI 1

Waterfrontat Nimrods CH Town PEI