Movie Review: Jackass Forever

February 27, 2022

Details from IMDB:

Jackass Forever

After 11 years, the Jackass crew is back for their final crusade.


Initial Thoughts:

Full disclosure, my wife enjoys these movies, I don’t. I went to see this because she wanted to and as such this review may be negative but really, it’s Jackass, it’s not even really a movie in the strictest sense, so who cares. I will add, however, that I did see this in Vegas at a drive-in, which was fun and did help me enjoy it a little more.

Main Points:

Johnny Knoxville is basically admitting that his Hollywood career failed (if you look, he was in few scripted movies) with his return to Jackass (SteveO is back too but he never acted as far as I know) but I’ll give him credit for having the guts to do a few more hardcore stunts here.

There are some new people here (including the first woman to do stunts) and it’s clear that this movie is meant to be a handing of the torch to the next generation of Jackass performers (that’s stretching the term!).

There, I’ve said more than I planned on already! Seriously, there are stunts, some are funny, some just look VERY painful, others are completely disgusting (I looked away a few times), a few are clever, and a lot of the others are just tributes to stunts done in previous movies (yeah sadly I think I’ve seen most of them, at least 2 in theater).

Final Thoughts:

I hope Knoxville and SteveO stop doing these movies, the former gets really hurt (in hospital) in this one and SteveO is also starting to look pretty rough. I’ll give it a rating but really it doesn’t mean much, 4 out of 10. Really unless you are a HUGE fan of Jackass (or just enjoy watching people do stupid stuff and sometimes get hurt) I’m sure there must be something better for you to see in theaters (like Movie Review: Spider-Man: No Way Home if it’s still playing near you!). Obviously, no children, ages 18+ for blood, some gore, nudity, disgusting scenes, and some scary stunts including ones with a bear, a scorpion, and a bull.