Movie Review: Belfast

Sept 11, 2022

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Initial Thoughts:

I’ve been to Belfast and while I never saw any violence I could tell it was different than the rest of Ireland (other than it being a different country of course). It was the only time I saw military on the street in Ireland and I’ll admit it made me a little uncomfortable, for a bit. I had heard good things about this movie (it is an Oscar winner!) and decided to watch it on a Saturday night (it was also streaming on Crave, which is a Canadian streaming service I pay for).
Main Points:
Final Thoughts:

Main Points:

Jamie Doran makes you think of “Fifty Shades of Gray” it made him a star but for me, I never saw any of the movies, so I was just of the show me what you got attitude. He was good, Dame Judi Dench is excellent as always and Jude Hill playing a young Kenneth Branagh (the movie is based on his childhood) also did a great job. I really enjoyed the black and white (it’s nice for a change) and I thought showing TV and movies in color was an interesting choice that worked well.
The movie has a good bit of violence, though none of it gory, mixed in with some laughs and a great picture of what life was like in ‘69 in Dublin. It was really interesting to see the crazy divide (literally a wall) separating the Catholics from the Protestants in the city. I quite enjoyed how despite all of the violence and upheaval people experienced in Dublin that life went on, they found joy, did everything they could to continue on with life, and took all the upheaval in stride.
I won’t spoil the plot, things happen in the movie and I was a little surprised by a few events, more importantly, I was impressed with the beautiful photography, long shots, and an engaging story that keep me interested the whole time.

Final Thoughts:

I quite enjoyed this movie and would recommend it to anyone who doesn’t mind some violence and it is in black and white. A solid 7.5 out of 10 from me, I would have enjoyed more context to see what happened in Dublin before and after the movie, it was also odd how Buddy’s brother is almost ignored. Overall though I enjoyed it and found the time went by quickly. Please don’t take your kids to this, ages 14+.