Book Review: Zombies on the Rock Book II: The Viking Trail by Paul Carberry

Feburary 19th, 2019

The Viking Trail (Zombies on the Rock, Book #2)The Viking Trail by Paul Carberry
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Zombies have been very popular, The Walking Dead (comics, TV show and spin offs), iZombie, Zombie Nation and movies like World War Z have all driven the craze, along with books of course. They have become a modern day classic creature/villain and it is always interesting to see how a writer will put a spin on them.

Paul does but some nice changes/additions to the zombies in his book here. Also while the first book took place almost exclusively in Corner Brook/West coast of Newfoundland area, this book has the characters move around more and we get to see other parts of Newfoundland.

He does an excellent job with fighting scenes and really brings his military knowledge and experience to good use here. Lots of creative ways for a zombie (and people) do die and I have to say one particular scene with modern day Vikings fighting off an invading force was one of the highlights of the book for me.

This book features lots of new characters and as they move into new places, several new plot threads have opened up. I also must say that I loved the references to Walking Dead and being a Newfoundlander I do quite enjoy a book set here full of places I know (and often) have been to. He has no problem with killing characters, which came as a surprise at times but is something I always admire an author for doing.

No book, however, is without its flaws. I do think Paul, as does most writers (including myself), sometimes struggles with dialogue. It is very difficult to make it realistic and keep it flowing smoothly. I also felt that it went on a little too long, perhaps some of this would have been better served in book 3.

I enjoyed this book and am looking forward to book 3. Paul has established himself as one of Newfoundland's best horror writers. I found this to be an improvement over book 1. Please don't let young children read this, due to plenty of violence, gore and harsh language I would say ages 16+. I recommend this to any horror/zombie fan and especially to people who live in Newfoundland. I'll also add it's great to see a local company like Engen continue to succeed and bring a wide variety of content to the readers. The good part about me taking so long to read it is that now it's a shorter wait for book 3.

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