Movie Review: John Wick: Chapter 2

December 26th, 2019

Details from IMDB:

John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017)

| | ActionCrimeThriller | 10 February 2017 (USA)
After returning to the criminal underworld to repay a debt, John Wick discovers that a large bounty has been put on his life.


 Chad Stahelski


 Derek KolstadDerek Kolstad (based on characters created by)


Initial Thoughts:
Keanu is one of those actors, I mean one who just isn’t great but doesn’t care and just has fun with his roles. He’s done good stuff but I think he generally enjoys action/comedy roles more than other parts. Anyway, I enjoyed the first one, this one was on Amazon Prime, so of course, I watched it.
Main Points:
So the first one did have some kind of plot (which was thin mind you) but this one is really threadbare. Basically John was out of the hitman game and he’s forced back in, starts killing.
The thing with this movie is that you can’t not like the action scenes. The action is creative, fun, visceral and almost nonstop once it starts. Keanu looks like he’s having fun and so do the other actors. I love Ian McShane and he is excellent here, more or less playing the same kind of role he (almost) always plays.
I laughed, I got excited and I rooted for Jack to keep killing. It’s like a friend of mine just said, “f&&k you, you f$$king f%%k!” (I have a T-shirt that says that) and that’s what he does, just kills them all! Somehow I look past the ridiculous plot and have a good time.
Final Thoughts:
I have to admit I enjoyed this movie, it just hits you on a raw level that works and the silliness of it just has to make you laugh, but somehow in a good way. I also have to say that I can see why Ruby Rose was chosen for Batwoman, she does some great action scenes and managed to convey emotion without ever saying a word (her character is mute), I've liked her since Orange is the New Black. Common also takes a good part here. 
There is something to be said for a simple, straightforward movie and this certainly is one of them. I give it 7 out of 10 and would recommend it to any action/Keanu fan. Lots of violence and coarse language, so no children please, ages 18+ I’d say. So yeah I’m in for part 3 and most likely 4 when it comes out.